Kitesurfing and Catamarans

By Isa Cohen • Uncategorized • 23 Apr 2013

Kitesurfing and Catamarans

If you have ever raised fists at the clerk sitting behind the airlines check-in counter over your luggage fees for kite gear, you might want to look into alternative modes of transportation. Sailing is the most amazing escape I have ever experienced. It is a true retreat, where not even roadways can dictate where you may go. Let your cell phone battery die, there is no reception here anyway. Extra baggage is free of charge. Bring 3 board, no 4…and every kite you want. Drop anchor near any beach you fancy, listen to the wind and ocean collide against the hull, provision the boat with all of your favorites. Best of all, reach places that have never seen a lobster-bellied bucket hat walk the shoreline…ever.

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