Water Women Adventure Retreats

By Isa Cohen • Uncategorized • 23 Apr 2013

Water Women Adventures – We’re not telling where in the Bahamas

As an instructor, its awesome to have the opportunity to teach in fun new places. Every year we host a ladies only retreat where the girls can learn kiteboarding at their pace without the testosterone floating around. That way, we can all really focus on kite flying and board skills, and dive head first into the sport…Messed up hair, fingernails, ripped bathing suits and all :)

For our winter retreats, we always pick a warm, tropical paradise. This trip was no different. When we’re done kiting, we let the relaxation commence as we melt into the sand while sipping pina coladas.

We also do this type of trips for coed groups of friends and families. If you are interested in joining us on an upcoming trip just shoot me an email. It’s looking like 2013 may be our most exciting year yet, featuring trips to BVI’s, Fiji, Vietnam, Puerto Rico and Hawaii.

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